Galleri Feldt at Design Miami/Basel 2016

Nanna Ditzel / Grete Jalk / Leonor Antunes / Finn Juhl / Hanne Vedel / Paula Trock

For this exhibition of Design Miami/ Basel, Galleri Feldt presents a fresh, informed take on Danish Modern Design by highlighting the socially engaged and conceptual aspects of works by Nanna Ditzel and Grete Jalk placed in conversation with works by Finn Juhl Hanne Vedel, Paula Trock and contemporary artist Leonor Antunes.

The designs by Nana Ditzel and Grete Jalk used for the installation are products of social developments made in the 1950s and 1960s, inspired by the artists’ desire to solve everyday practical family needs and to adapt to new social developments; this was as much of a concern as the creation and innovation of beautiful design in its clearest form.

Finn Juhl was a major source of inspiration for designers of Nanna Ditzel’s generation. His work is installed in such a way to emphasize how both his personality and his designs influenced Nana Ditzel and Grete Jalk.

Hanne Vedel, one of Denmark’s most important figures in the weaving profession, is represented through her fabrics, which are used in two furniture designs. In addition, two visionary works included in this presentation are products of a new understanding of the role of daylight in interiors during the period of regrowth following the Second World War.

Leonor Antunes contributes a new series of light sculptures, Olga (2016); the works were shown for the first time in a different version in 2015. Leonor Antunes’ practice focuses on historical research into lesser-known or -celebrated moments of historical design.  She uses these precedents as inspiration and her work engages with various craft languages, and the ever-blurring border between art and design.

This installation is a celebration of individuals who dedicate their lives to cultivation and refining design in its most beautiful and socially responsive from.