Galleri Feldt specializes in fine works of original Modern Scandinavian design, focusing primarily on pieces by Danish architects from the period between 1920 and 1970. Established in 2010 by Louise and Martin Feldt, the gallery is located in Copenhagen, with a studio on the waterfront area of Nordre Toldbold.

Since its establishment, the gallery has cultivated a practice of engaging critically with the era of Modern design by bringing its artifacts into dialogue with works of contemporary design and fine art. In collaboration with contemporary artists, we have mounted installations that feature meaningful juxtapositions of current and original pieces, calling attention to the historicity of design objects and underscoring previously unconsidered aspects of their aesthetic, societal, and personal value. We are dedicated to both rediscovering these objects’ forgotten stories and articulating their current relevance, and are fascinated by the connections—both accidental and intentional—that can be found or generated between works unrelated by time and circumstance.

We are currently working on a new space at a beachside farmhouse in the Danish countryside. We envision this project as an opportunity to integrate art and design at a greater scale and complexity than ever before, always with consideration of the locale’s history and natural features. Besides an exhibition space, the house will also provide facilities for creative work and a forum for cultural events.